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University Acceptance
쨌    Art - This program is aimed for the students who are interested in art. The students will learn professional skills for Artwork.
쨌    Art Club - Students will learn professional skills for Artwork and also will develop intermediate or advanced drawing skills and explore various art media.
쨌    Badminton & Pingpong - Students will play pingpong indoor for the first half of 2nd ASP and when it gets warmer they will play badminton outside.
쨌    Band Club - Students with some playing experience are eligible for this course. Students develop individual and group performance skills, using various styles of band literature.
쨌    Book Club - This book club will help engage students in reading different kinds of texts. They will be exposed to a variety of genres and different authors. We will do different activities that will help students understand different stories at a deeper level.
쨌    Chess Club - Students will have fun and to improve : problem solving skills, self - confidence, patience, logical thinking, pattern recognition, concentration, analytical skills, reading comprehension, imagination and creativity, ability to plan, memory, ability to face challenges, earn peer respect, sportsmanship, and social interaction skills.
쨌    Chinese Club - Students will learn basic, intermediate level or conversation of Chinese according to their level
쨌    Craft Club - We will be doing crafts with paper, paint and other art materials to build and interest in art for students.
쨌    Debate Club - Debate club is a must for students who want to challenge themselves in the art of public speaking. Students will debate, argue, and challenge one another about current issues, and other fun exciting topic. Don셳 lose out this once in a life time opportunity. Sign up today. Only serious students will be considered.
쨌    Drama Club - Students demonstrate understanding of and facility with theatrical elements that contribute to drama as well as demonstrating an understanding of character and role in drama
쨌    Drum Club - Students will learn basic drum rudiments, how to read drum music, and basic drum kit techniques.
쨌    Flute - Through a wide repertoire of musical styles, this flute club will include :혻 fundamental techniques in flute playing, basic music rudiments, musical terms, finger position, proper breath control, music reading and ear-training.
쨌    Game Club - Come work on your conversational English while engaging in exciting games with your friends! We will work on comprehension, spelling, drama and math through fun games like scabble, cranium and bananagrams.
쨌    Golf Club - Introduces basic skills and techniques of golf. Students practice grip, stance, swing, use of various clubs, rules, scoring, and the etiquette of the game.
쨌    Guitar Club - Introductory classroom instruction in the art of guitar playing: solo and ensemble performance, technique, music reading, interpretation, stage etiquette and music literature.
쨌    Gymnastics - Students will learn to be active through the use of developmental tasks, challenging experiences on gymnastic apparatus, rhythmic activities, and creative exploratory movement
쨌    Hiking Club - This session will involve students having the opportunity to explore the hiking trails of the Mun - hack Mountain. Alternatively students will also have the opportunity to play low organized games at our school P.E. facility
쨌    Homework Club - Students who want extra help with their homework can attend this class.
쨌    Literacy(Author Studies) - Students will study various stories by such authors as Jan Brett, Phoebe Gilman, Eric Carle, and Robert Munsch. Details about each author셲 life and writing style will be explored.
쨌    Math Club - This club is designed to learn advanced math and to go to math competition.
쨌    Murals Club - Do you love art and painting? Do you want to leave your mark on the school? Come out to mural club where we will design and then paint murals on the walls of CMIS!
쨌    Piano - This group will be aimed at introducing the piano to beginner students. Students will learn the fundamentals about the instrument including proper technique, basic music reading, as well as an introduction to technical skills.
쨌    Pottery Class - Students will learn different kinds of pottery - making skills from an actual potter: eg - terracotta, sculpture, howls, cups etc.
쨌    Press & Writing Club - This program will involve two aspects: 뀪. Opportunities for creative writing. 뀫. Helping organize the school newspaper.
쨌    Press and Volunteer Club - Students will learn journalistic skills such as reading, analyzing, debating, and presenting different point of view. Students will also publish school newspaper and learn leadership skills.
쨌    SAT Club - In SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) to pursue higher education in US colleges and universities, students learn to enhance their critical reading and Writing which covers completion of sentences, comprehensive reading, identifying grammatical errors, essay writing strategies and improving sentences and paragraph.
쨌    Soccer/Fitness - This club is a serious program intended to help students achieve specific soccer skills, attain strength and endurance and develop team work skills. Students can do fitness inside in winter season.
쨌    Super Spectacular Scrapbook - This club encourages photography, creativity and crafts. Students will take photos and create various scrapbooks to keep.
쨌    Travel & Culture Club - Students will gain a greater appreciation for both Korean and international culture through interactive learning activities.
쨌    United Soccer Club - This club is a serious program intended to help students achieve specific soccer skills, attain strength and endurance and develop team work skills.
쨌    Vocal - This course is aimed at singers looking for an all - round and varied course that covers all aspects of singing. This course is open to all genres of music, singers of popular music as well as classical singers. (G6 - G9 : Ms. Lee, Max 10 students)